You’re in good hands.

Oral surgery isn’t something that sounds pleasant to most people, and we understand. If it’s part of your treatment plan, know that we’ll keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

The purpose of oral surgery is improved oral health.

While it may induce fear, the results afterward almost always cause relief.

Preparing for smile greatness

If you’re part of our dental family, you know we encourage you to care for your gums along with your teeth as an essential component of your oral health. However, excess gum tissue can hide those beautiful crowns and make restorative dental procedures difficult.

Crown lengthening

  • Luckily, we can remove excess gum tissue to reveal more of your crown.
  • Crown lengthening is essentially the same as gum contouring, but with a different purpose.
  • Gum contouring is primarily cosmetic, while crown lengthening is prep for restorations.
  • Crown lengthening exposes the tooth structure needed for crown placement after decay or damage.

It may be a last resort

Nobody wants to lose a permanent tooth, and that’s why we inform you of the best ways to prevent tooth loss. Unfortunately, injury and infection might not be receptive to our advice and your effort; in those times, extraction might be in your best interest.

Tooth extraction

  • Extraction is a likely recommendation when a tooth can’t be saved by a root canal.
  • With topical and local anesthetic, we’ll make sure the procedure is comfortable.
  • Your oral health can start improving when the infection has been removed.
  • We can go over your tooth replacement options and find your best fit.

Are they really wise?

Third molars were dubbed “wisdom teeth” because of their late arrival, but over 10 million of them are removed from mouths each year in the US. Why is wisdom tooth extraction necessary? Simply put, our jaws and mouths just don’t have the space for them.

Wisdom teeth extraction

  • Because they don’t have the space they need to erupt, impaction is common.
  • Wisdom teeth impaction can be painful and cause neighboring teeth to shift.
  • Their partial eruption can create a haven for bacteria, causing infection.
  • For an optimal healing period, we recommend acting quick if extraction is necessary.

Building smiles and hope

There are myriad reasons your mouth might be a source of pain—genetics, health conditions, and medications can all affect your oral health for better or worse. If this has been your experience, we want you to know a healthy, beautiful smile is still possible.

Full mouth reconstruction

  • Also called full mouth rehabilitation, reconstruction can entail a combination of procedures.
  • Full mouth reconstruction is a personalized treatment plan based on your needs.
  • Your reconstruction process may include extraction, bone grafting, and restorative dentistry.
  • Your treatment may be complex, but we can make the process comfortable and affordable.

Pre-Prosthetic surgery

A lot goes into treatment planning—you wouldn’t begin an important journey without a map and itinerary, would you? Some spontaneous folks might say yes, but we’re sure you’d like at least an outline of what to expect when it comes to your smile!

What the procedure entails

  • Pre-prosthetic surgery is a form of preparing your mouth for dental prosthetics.
  • To ensure the most natural look and feel, pre-prosthetic surgery may include:
  •   - Removal of excess gum tissue or bone, or bone smoothing and reshaping.
      - It may also include bone ridge reduction. These procedures help accommodate prosthetics.

Regeneration after deterioration

There are a few reasons your jawbone might not have the density we’d like to see before we place a dental implant (or several), such as arthritis, gum disease, malocclusions, or a space that’s been missing a tooth for an extended period of time.

Bone grafting

  • Thankfully, grafting can be performed to help rebuild your jawbone.
  • We can perform bone grafting from the comfort of our office.
  • The bone used can be from your own body, a donor, or may be synthetic.
  • You’ll be ready for implant placement after your graft heals and creates new growth!


A surgical procedure that treats a lip-tie or tongue-tie. It may be recommended to increase the tongue’s range of motion or help close a gap between teeth.